Primary Lessons

[Note: This post was co-published in a slightly edited form in the Chronicle of Philanthropy on February 11, 2020.] I’m a New Hampshire voter, which means that, for this week, at least,…
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The Vision Thing

The past few months have seen a dozen or so would-be presidents appear in my community of Concord, New Hampshire. If you haven’t experienced the New Hampshire Primary, I can…
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So, Tell Me About Yourself!

A few months ago, by a fluke, I found myself sitting at the head table of a fundraising dinner next to the keynote speaker, National Public Radio’s legendary journalist Susan…
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Just Bag It

The other day I got an email from a local nonprofit organization announcing “an amazing opportunity.” That certainly piqued my interest – for a few seconds. What was this amazing…
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Stories, Not Bullet Points

We all tell stories, though not necessarily well. I like to think I’m better at it than most, but my too-deliberate-and-full-of-detail style doesn’t work with everyone. It particularly bugs my…
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Best-Kept Secrets

Here’s the scene: A nonprofit board is discussing how to attract new supporters. One board member, in an exasperated but sincere tone, says, “But it’s so hard to interest people……
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Fish Stories

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I was visiting with the staff of a small human services agency the other day. I asked them how they liked their board of directors, and they were generally positive,…
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