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Al is not afraid of taking on controversial issues in the nonprofit world, including the impact of the widening wealth gap, the inefficiency and misdirection of major foundations, the disruption brought by donor-advised funds, the ethical and financial implications of Wall Street’s growing influence in the charitable world, and the power imbalance between funder and charity.

But Al offers more than criticism: he proposes solutions and new frameworks, and he does this with color and humor. In other words, hard truths need not be hard to read.

Al is a frequent op-ed contributor to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Philanthropy Daily, Nonprofit Quarterly, and Inside Philanthropy. His blog has attracted a diverse national audience, and he has been cited as an expert on charitable issues in media outlets such as The New York Times, Barron’s, The Atlantic, Pro Publica, The Boston Globe, The Daily Beast,, Vanity Fair, Bloomberg News, and Boston Magazine.

Al’s effectiveness as a writer carries over to his public speaking. Al has a reputation as a dynamic keynoter and presenter who can break down complex issues and connect with audiences. Nonprofit leaders and philanthropists call Al provocative, memorable, and stimulating.

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