Organizations often need to test the waters before launching a major campaign. Al will analyze your capacity to carry out a capital campaign, and he will help you craft a persuasive case statement. Then Al will discuss that case statement individually with donors and funders and candidly assess the potential success of your campaign.

Al will design a structure for your capital campaign, help you prioritize your prospects, train and support your volunteer and staff solicitors, and put the pieces in place to support your success.

Al helps staff and board leadership undertake strategic planning processes that promote a deeper understanding of institutional values, an appreciation for external challenges, and a focus on critical–and often overlooked–issues.

Al provides training on a variety of subjects, including clarifying the roles of board and staff; attracting, cultivating, and keeping donors; understanding planned giving and creating an effective gift planning program; and building a culture of philanthropy. In his trainings, Al works to demystify fundraising and to change the development process from a subject of apprehension to one of excitement and opportunity.

Al helps organizations analyze their fundraising staffing, plans, methods, priorities, and infrastructure, and he recommends changes so they can better achieve their goals.

Al assists nonprofit organizations with various aspects of charitable gift planning. These services include providing training to boards and staff, educating donors, building the infrastructure for accepting and managing gifts, and being on-call for confidential conversations with his clients’ donors regarding their personal gift planning.

It’s not easy being the CEO. Al can help nonprofit leaders gain perspective, reprioritize their responsibilities, manage and delegate, and move the organization forward toward ultimate success.

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