A Trail Goes Cold

So these two guys walk into a bar. Actually, I was one of them. It was the end of a conference in Minneapolis last fall, and I had to kill…
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What’s in a Name?

First, a story about my mother. It’s the kind of story I can tell, but you can’t, because she’s my mother, not yours. My mom, who recently turned 87, is…
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Fish Stories

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I was visiting with the staff of a small human services agency the other day. I asked them how they liked their board of directors, and they were generally positive,…
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You Just Never Know

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I helped wrap up a successful capital campaign in December, one in which we asked supporters to give significantly more than they ever had before. One thing that strikes me…
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Raising the Blue Peter!

I’m an avid reader of the Patrick O’Brian seafaring novels, featuring Captain Jack Aubrey and Dr. Stephen Maturin. People either love these books, or they don’t “get” them, looking on…
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Donor-Advised Fund Reform?

A November 21, 2011 op-ed in the New York Times by Boston College law professor Ray D. Madoff raises some good points. We all know that donors receive federal tax deductions…
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