Artful Dodger

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Here’s a story that has all the plot elements of a Hollywood spy thriller. International intrigue! Soviet agents! Stolen art! A fabulously wealthy politician caught red-handed! Money, money, money! And…
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Best-Kept Secrets

Here’s the scene: A nonprofit board is discussing how to attract new supporters. One board member, in an exasperated but sincere tone, says, “But it’s so hard to interest people……
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Hard Sell

A friend of mine runs a well-respected rehab center for addicts and alcoholics. I say, “well-respected,” and not “well-known,” because outside of those in the court system and the rehabilitation…
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Roger’s Rule

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The most generous donors don’t want to pay for everything themselves. When I was a young (still in my twenties) executive director of a small human service agency we had…
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