Wealth and Charity

[Note: This article was also published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy on May 19, 2021.]  The rich are richer than ever before. We have to keep this in mind when we…
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Stress Test

Fewer and fewer Americans are making charitable contributions, and we need to ask ourselves why. Certainly, economics plays a major role. “Gilded Giving 2018,”a report from the Institute for Policy…
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Affairs of the Heart

Some people misunderstand the motivation for charitable giving. They consider that charitable donations typically result from extended intellectual analysis. In fact, most donors don’t think their way into giving to…
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I Hope I’m Wrong

An earthquake just hit the nation: the new Republican tax bill. It will take months and years to sort through the ramifications and debris. There are huge implications for the…
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No Sale

Contributing to charity is a unique transaction in our society: people give money and receive nothing tangible in return. I think of this when individuals who have spent their careers…
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Playing the Percentages

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Ah: the end of the year! Donors are racing to register their charitable contributions before January first. Nonprofits are counting on a December bounty. But what, besides tax advantages, is…
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