Telling Us What To Do

At a time when Democrats and Republicans can find virtually no common ground, at least two prominent thinkers, one on the right and one on the left, emphatically agree on…
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Less is More

Half a lifetime ago, I found myself the newly appointed 27-year-old Executive Director of a small nonprofit. I had lots of energy and woefully little experience. I was particularly ignorant…
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Point, Counterpoint

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Dear Readers: You may be familiar with epistolary novels – that is, novels told entirely in letters between the characters. Today is an epistolary blog post. My first! (Perhaps yours…
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Scale, For Better or For Worse

Nonprofit trends – and their associated jargon – seem to come in waves. Given the disparate and atomized nature of the sector, it’s striking that new notions and terms fall…
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Say What?

My wife Pat is one of the best-informed people I know. She’s a university professor, a voracious reader, and a deep and nuanced thinker. Her vocabulary is vast. When we’re…
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Stories, Not Bullet Points

We all tell stories, though not necessarily well. I like to think I’m better at it than most, but my too-deliberate-and-full-of-detail style doesn’t work with everyone. It particularly bugs my…
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Like Nobody’s Business

I often hear that nonprofits should be run more like businesses. There’s a prevailing sentiment that the realities of the market impart a kind of discipline on businesses that is…
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Small Potatoes

Back in the Soviet Union, you had to stand in three lines to buy potatoes. I know: I stood in those lines. I spent a semester in 1980 as an…
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Baby Boom and Bust

It’s not always fun being a Baby Boomer. Nobody calls us the Greatest Generation – those are our parents. We’re not the cool, creative generation – those are our kids.…
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White Space

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In laying out a newsletter or designing a website, it’s smart to include plenty of white space. Staring at wall-to-wall words and illustrations exhausts us. We can’t take it all…
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