Smoke and Mirrors

[Note: This post was co-published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy on July 22, 2020.] A great magician relies on diversion. The eyes of the audience go where the magician is drawing…
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Missing Information

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[This article was co-published in the Chronicle of Philanthropy on June 15, 2020.] Our access to information is instantaneous. While having breakfast at 8:00 we know that thunderstorms will be rolling…
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Yes, It’s Political

“What can technologists do to fix the problems facing the nonprofit world?” The question hung in the air for a while. The setting was a recent “hackathon,” an on-line, national…
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Not Bad! Not Bad at All!

I’m a people person, and I prefer my people… in person. I’m also not the most technologically adroit guy. So it was a pleasant surprise to find that most of…
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Time to Put Up and Spend Down

[Note: A version of this post was published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy on April 14, 2020.] The coronavirus pandemic has made us realize – very suddenly – how utterly ill-prepared…
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Vested Interests

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[Note: This post was co-published in the Chronicle of Philanthropy on March 3, 2020.] Over the past few months, a fierce legislative battle has arisen  in California over the mildest of…
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Primary Lessons

[Note: This post was co-published in a slightly edited form in the Chronicle of Philanthropy on February 11, 2020.] I’m a New Hampshire voter, which means that, for this week, at least,…
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